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First-class hunter whose chasing and shooting skills are second to none. Van Hunt is merciless, destructive, bloodthirsty and cruel; he tries at all costs to hunt his prey to the very end.

It is known that Van Hunt was born in the Northern Westdom in the Canal Valley in the family of noble diplomats. However, due to his parents’ occupation, he spent most of his childhood in the Southern Westdom in the Vast Jungle State. As his parents were often busy, he had to entertain himself a lot during those days. Being left to himself as a kid he liked to watch local hunters passing their mansion carrying all kinds of weaponry and became interested in the arms at an early age. He ended up stealing his father’s gun and tried to follow them in secret or ‘the fearless daredevils’ as he liked to call them.

Once following the hunters, he witnessed a battle between a man and a tiger – the tiger fought fiercely for its life but eventually was taken down by the hunter. The power of a single man over a wild predator impressed the young boy so much that he came out of his hiding place to express his admiration and respect only to be mocked and ridiculed and eventually brutally kicked out of the forest by the group of hunters. Humiliated and disappointed in how the others have treated him he promised himself that one day they will pay for what they did to him. From that day on the boy has become obsessed with the idea that he must outshoot, outhunt and outperform those who rejected him in every possible way. Eventually, the young Van Hunt has become so skilled that no one in the entire Westdom could compete with him in chasing and shooting.

As the years passed by, the hunters that encountered Van Hunt in his childhood years started to mysteriously disappear along with some other enemies he made throughout the years. Ultimately, Van Hunt has earned a reputation of being a dangerous, murderous, sanguinary, treacherous, and manipulative man who will hunt both men and animals for personal glory and revenge. Van Hunt possesses an impressive collection of hunting trophies which includes most dangerous and rare species.

He came to the Isle of Jag to compete for the most valuable and rare trophy that the Nine Realms has to offer – the magical token NFT Jag.







Whilst on the same field with the opponent, forces the opponent to step back two fields back



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