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Sir Richie is a fabulously wealthy business magnate, so-called "adventure-capitalist". Like Amelia, he came from another universe, the Ducky Way, and his dominant traits are love for his wealth, frugality and tendency to seek more wealth through adventure. The latter eventually made him a patron of countless archeological expeditions and scientific researches.
Sir Richie has become an outlaw in his universe once his tax evasion fraud was made public, making him run away from the law enforcers. As he was getting surrounded by the police and desperately seeking for a way out, a portal materialized out of nowhere leading him to the Nine Realms

After getting through the portal, although not chased by the police anymore, Sir Richie realized the scrutiny of his situation as he left almost all his beloved wealth behind. All, but a box of rare Sevical crystals which he was trying to escape with from the police raid. Apart from shine and astonishing beauty it turned out that in this particular dimension the crystals possessed unique magical qualities which mame them almost priceless in Nine Realms. With the help of valuable crystals Sir Richie started to regain his wealth and soon he had become one of the wealthiest residents of the Nine Realms.
Sir Richie chose Mighty Dareland or “the land of promising yet undiscovered opportunities” as a place of residency. Since the majority of its territory remains unexplored Sir Richie believes there may be a lot of historical treasures and natural resources to be found. Sir Richie has been in close collaboration with Professor in several expeditions; he also often collaborates with Ninja who helps him to get rare artifacts or art pieces that belong to someone who is not willing to sell. 
Despite being happy with his new life, Sir Richie misses his wealth, history and art collection he had to leave behind. More than anything else in the world he dreams of getting his wealth from the Ducky Way to Nine Realms and he knows that the NFT JAG token can give it to him.






Increases game reward by 20% at the end of the game - passive ability



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