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Shaman comes from a powerful dynasty of sorcerers from the Endless Desert who have been Tribe Defenders from the beginning of times. Just as his ancestors before him Shaman practices Voo-Doo magic by using natural forces like fire, water, earth and air. 

In order to enhance his magic Shaman uses various attributes like Voo-Doo dolls, amulets, herbs and potions. For most complex and powerful spells, like teleporting, shaman uses Voo-Doo dance - the imitation of the sacred sings with the movements of his body. The Voo-Doo dance is able to enhance his power dozens of times.

Shaman is a wise leader, respected by the Tribe people and far beyond. Shaman’s life mission is to protect his people from evil spirits that cause natural disasters, hunger and illnesses as well as from people with malice souls.

Shaman was the first one from his dynasty who started establishing relations with foreigners which was unprecedented at the time. It all started when he met Professor (both were kids at the time) and together they experienced a series of events that Professor later described as “unforgettable adventures” making the two close friends. 

Shaman also befriended Zarina and Chingachgook as people of greatest courage and honor. Several times Shaman used his magic to help them to repel enemy attacks on their lands.

Shaman does not have a successor who would protect the Tribe from evil spirits after he will be gone. However, Shaman knows that the magical token NFT JAG can provide protection and piece against evil spirits. The token can protect everyone in the Nine Realms, not only to the Tribe people and Shaman would do anything to win this treasure hunt.






Uses Voodoo dolls to control an opponent and move an opponent within 5 field radius



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