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NFT Characters

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NFT Characters

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Each Jager is a playable NFT character stored on BNB Blockchain. They have the following traits: 

- Ability 

- Level 

- Terrain factor

- Energy pool 

- Rarity 

- Realm

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Collectible Jagers

There are two types of playable NFTs: Collectible and Non-Collectible.

Collectible Jagers are introduced in seasons and can be purchased via Marketplace. Each season will contain 3 Rare, 1 Mythical and 1 Legendary Jagers. These Jagers are part of Bit World Metaverse and have their own lore which reflects on their abilities. There will be a limited amount of each Jager in the season depending on their rarity. By default, seasonal Jagers will have all the predetermined traits, including abilities. To learn more about each Collectible Jager, follow the "Jagers" section of the site. 

Each player has an option to start the game with a non-collectible Jager for free. It is a blank level 1 Jager without any abilities, terrain factor and realm traits. Additional non-collectible Jagers can be won during the game and used for leveling up. Player will be able to unlock random clothing styles with each level. A random ability will be unlocked by reaching level 5. In addition, the player will get a chance to write down his own unique story of a Jager, which will be stored on blockchain. 

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Collectible Jagers

Each Jager has Main and Realm abilities. 

Main ability is connected to Jager's personality and lore. It consumes energy from the energy pool, where the number of uses is limited to the max energy pool value. Some main abilities are passives and do not require energy to use them.


Realm abilities are attributed from the realm the Jager comes from. Each realm has its own unique ability. There can be multiple Jagers from a single realm. Realm ability can be used only once per single game. There can be some ability limitations related to dice count, terrain factors and others.



Each Jager has an energy pool.

Energy pool is required to: Use abilities; Overcome traps; Duel. 

Some Jagers have an increased energy pool as part of their passive ability. Energy units can be replenished by flasks or additional support items, which can be purchased from an in-game store.



Each Jager can upgrade its ability and increase an energy pool capacity by leveling up. Player is significantly increasing the chances to win the game by leveling up.

In order to level up, the player needs to:

- Win non-collectible Jagers during the game

- Forge the won Jagers by burning them from the BNB blockhain. 


For each upcoming level player has to forge previous level Jagers in the amount of the upcoming level. Collectible and level 5 Non-collectible Jagers cannot be forged, they stay on BNB chain FOREVER!


Level 1 Jagers are limited to 2 energy pool units. Each level-up unlocks additional 2 units until Jager reaches the max limit of 10 units.

Main abilities are also enhanced with each level up.



Each Jager is attributed a terrain factor. Terrains affect the dice. 

Jager can have one or multiple terrain factors, which would grant immunity to the specific type of terrain.

Languags and terrains


Each Jager belongs to a specific realm and has a backstory deeply connected to that realm. The realm grants a strong and unique ability that can only be used once per game. 

To learn more about the history of realms, follow to "Realms" section of the site.

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