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A former samurai, a part of an elite order of professional fighters whose life mission was to protect their masters or „damios”, usually the most influential and wealthy elite. 
In Samurai Sanctum, an institution designed to train future samurais, Ronin was the only one not to descend from a samurai’s family or other nobility. This resulted in lots of bullying, mockery and abuse both from his peers and particularly arrogant teachers in his early years. This also led to countless brutal engagements and a long-last enmity with Takeda the Samurai, a proud pure-blood samurai, who viewed Ronin as an “unworthy scum” pointing hos family origin. But Ronin, being a tough kid from slugs, managed to prove them all wrong. 

Ronin appeared to be a natural in combat, with katana seeming to be just an extension of his own hand. Fast and lethally strong, no one in the Sanctum could beat him in katana fight or take him down in hand-to-hand combat. With that in mind Ronin proved himself to be one of the most gifted students the Samurai Order has ever seen. 
Lethal skill set and undeniable charisma earned fame and respect for Ronin far beyond the walls of Samurai Sanctum. Eventually the talented young man was assigned to guard the First Advisor to the Emperor himself. 
However, it turned out luck was not entirely in Ronin’s favor. Despite his best effort he and his samurai squad failed to protect the Emperor’s Advisor who fell a victim of a carefully planned assassination. The penalty for this failure was death and Ronin knew it.
He was supposed to end his life with a suicide and order his squad to do the same, only he didn’t. Instead he swore to bring their damio - their master back to life.
Ronin knows it must be impossible, but he also knows that the magical token NFT Jag has power to make even the impossible happen. Ronin came to the Isle of Jag to compete in a deadly hunt for the magical token in order to save the master who in-trusted him with his own life, to save his squad who relied on his authority, and to save himself by clearing off his name.








Can teleport to an opponent within 5 field radius, deal 20 energy damage and return back



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