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A world-class archeologists, adventurer and war hero from Westdom, he is the most prominent treasure hunter and historian from the Nine Realms. He got his nickname after discovery of the Pyramids of Jah, the Lost City of Venomion, primaeval tribe of Imbuhtuu and ancient palace of King Marbo all of which were considered as discoveries of the century.
He was born in Central Westdom in the family of well-known historians. His childhood was full of adventurous travelling as his parents often participated in expeditions to the most remote corners of the Nine Realms. The young boy often joined his parents in these expeditions where together they were exploring ancient pyramids, prehistoric caves and even tracking down so-called “cities of the dead” – lost cities of ancient civilizations. The expeditions were often full of danger and from an early age the boy got fascinated by the adventurous lifestyle of an archeologist.

Professor has a strong feeling of right and wrong which often puts him in dangerous situations and forces difficult choices on him. Professor is a patriot of his country which led him to the front-rank during the Civil War I, one of the darkest pages in the history of Westdom.
After the end of the war Professor returned to archaeology balancing dangerous expeditions in most distant places of the Nine Realms with peaceful lecturing at the Varhard University of Ancient History.
Being the most successful archeologist and treasure hunter of the century Professor is often sponsored by wealthy benefactors to search for long lost artifacts. Professor has a long history of cooperation with Sir Richie.
Professor came to compete for NFT Jag - an ancient token from another universe possessing magic qualities. He believes that it would become his most outstanding discovery and he would not let anyone else take it from him.






Able to jump from one row to another once per game



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