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5. Mistique Eidolon.png

Mystique Eidolon is a land of paranormal activity inhabited with ghosts, jinns and other unbodied psyches. According to the Chronicles of Time the island had become a place of exile for paranormal spirits after they all were banished there by Eastland’s warriors at the end of the Great Eastland’s War that brought havoc and destruction to this once peaceful and prosperous land.

In spite of the common perception, not all spirits are evil, there are the good and the bad ones. However, after a massive spirit attack on Eastland, all the spirits were banished from there to Mystique Eidolon. If there is one thing all the spirits have in common is that they are aliens to the Nine Realms since they've all come from abother dimenstion. 

Although not much known about Mystique Eidolon from before the spirits came there, the rumor is that their arrival changed the very nature of the island and strange things started to happen there, twisting the laws of physics and common sense. Stone and rocks suddenly took off from the ground and strated floating up in the air creating a formation know as The Vale of Flying Stones. Huge whirlwinds emerdged in the waters of the Lake of Tears draggin into the depth anything that happens to be in the waters. The Forest of Illusions appeared out of nowhere; once there no one can tell the difference between reality and deception. Last but not least the time suddenly strated bending, creating the area known as the Timeless Hollow. Once entered it is almost impossible to escape since time unpredictably accelerates and slows down there sometimes even stopping still. 

It’s been centuries since anyone heard anything about the spirits of Mystique Eidolon, the island remains largely isolated from the outer world. It is unclear if spirits settled there for good or plot another invasion, the Guards of Eastland still keep a close eye on the shores of Mystique Eidolon even from afar.


Ability allows player to trick the minds of the opponnents making them move in an opposite direction on their turn.

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