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2. Kingdom of Seven Seas.png

Welcome to the Kingdom of the Seven Seas, a realm where endless waters hold the secrets of adventure, mystery, and magic. There are no cities here or anything else a traditional kingdom would have. Instead there are shiny waters, rolling waves and endless depths of the unknown making life here so exciting.

Although the realm is called a “kingdom”, there is no king or any ruler there whatsoever. In fact, the Kingdom of Seven Seas is often viewed as a realm of freedom and chaos, since no common laws or rules apply here. There are no courts, prisons or judges either, instead there is the Sea Council consisting of Seven Lords and a Code of Conduct consisting of 7 codes. Any breach of Code of Conduct is punishable by death.

Traditionally, every year the council gathers on the Island of Thalassa to ensure the Code of Conduct is not breached as well as to exchange news and information. In cases of substantial common threat or other extraordinary conditions an emergency meeting may also be called. In all other cases inhabitants of the Seven Seas live their lives as they please, with very little regard to each other.
Here, brave sailors embark on perilous journeys across the seas, seeking treasures and making new discoveries at every turn. The notorious pirates roam there, seeking power and wealth at the expense of others, always wary of the next ambush or attack. And, of course, there are the mermaids, who sing their siren songs and play in the waves, sometimes tempting sailors to their watery graves and other times offering them guidance and wisdom. This kingdom is not just home to humans and mermaids, though, as sea creatures of all shapes and sizes swim in the depths, each with its own tale to tell. 

Come join us on this exciting journey as we explore the wonders of the Sea Kingdom!


Ability allows player to steal 5 enegy points from an opponent on the water terrain (the caster though can be anywhere).

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