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Irene is a femme fatale of the Westdom, a woman of exceptional beauty and charm. A professional thief and schemer, she is one of the most intelligent women of the Nine Realms, sly, elusive and resolute. 
Irene originates from a typical middle-class family, a singing prodigy who managed to reach an unprecedented success in her early years. She was everybody’s favourite and quickly became well-connected in the upper-society among powerful and influential people. 
She was often a part of most sophisticated and exclusive parties and social events, to many her life seemed like a fairy-tale; however, the reality was different.  Despite her outstanding charm, talent and beauty she could never be fully accepted in the upper-world since her bloodline was of a commoner.

Furious and outraged by mistreat and humiliation, Irene got her revenge by getting arrogant, lazy, spoiled, rich people treating her as their inferior going bankrupt, thereby enriching herself.
Since then Irene has become a part of the criminal world and it turned out she found herself to fit perfectly in it. Since she was well-connected in the upper-society she quickly became known as an extra-class thief who often scores big jackpots. As a master of disguise, she always escapes even the most sophisticated traps outwitting even the brightest cops and detectives.  
It is rumoured that Irene was the one to steal the golden crown of the ancient tribe’s most valuable antique from the archeological expedition organized by Sir Richie and Professor by disguising herself as one of the guards. 
With great success comes great consequences and throughout her career Irene crossed a lot of people. Irene is tired of running and most of all she wants to obtain NFT JAG token for herself in order to destroy her enemies and to protect her from any potential threat in the future.







Whilst on the same field with an opponent, steals 20 energy from an opponent (3 times per game)



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