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A jinn, an ethereal spirit possessing magic powers. Together with his twin-brother Sapphirus they are the original jinns - the first two jinns to ever appear in the Nine Realms. Sapphirus and Ifritus were born as humans but later they were cursed by a wicked witch who turned them into jinns. Although the witch granted them immortality and almost unlimited magic powers, the brothers have become slaves of their lamps, meaning they must serve whoever owns the lamps. The two brothers had to serve the witch for decades until her very death. 

Jinns are closely linked to nature and draw their powers from its elements – the fire, water, earth and air. Ifritus is a jinn of fire meaning he is most powerful on hot and dry surfaces like sand. By contrast, Ifritus hates the water and cold and feels uneasy in the water, mud and snow surfaces. 
Although Ifritus is originally from Eastland, currently he resides in Mystique Eidolon where all supernatural spirits were banished after the Great Eastland War between supernatural spirits and human race. Ifritus is a powerful and destructive jinn, smart,  devious and vicious. With the support of his numerous allies he prepares to lead “the sacred war against Eastland” in order to restore the supernatural creature’s control over there. Ifritus is often opposed by his good-natured twin brother Sapphirus, who tries to restore peace and harmony between the races of supernatural spirits and humans.
Despite being among the most powerful creatures in the world there is a single thing a jinn cannot do which is free himself from the lamp. Ifritus desperately wants to prevent his lamp from falling into somebody else’s hands and most of all in the world he is terrified of having to serve anyone ever again. Ifritus would do anything to free himself from the lamp and he knows that the magical token NFT Jag can do it. Ifritus would do anything to win the race for his freedom – the race for magical token NFT Jag.


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Launches a fireball to an opponent in 10 field radius dealing 30 energy damage



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