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7. Foggy Draculon.png

Foggy Draculon is an island on the verge of Foggy Draculon, right in the middle of the Sea of Broken Hopes. The island is covered in sky-scraping mountains and green endless forests almost in its entirety. And there’s one more thing - the fog. The thick fog is there each and every single day, so Foggy Draculon is the only place in the Nine Realms with not even one sunny day in the year which suits some of its inhabitants just fine. 

The island is de-facto ruled by Vladik, a wealthy count who’s been known to be the last vampire royalty alive. Back in the day the island used to be a massive lair of vampires, however, now almost the entire race of vampires went extinct with only a few clans left. No one really knows why, although a few rumors circle around. Some say internal vampire feuds led to it, some say the vampires are aliens that millennia ago had come to the Nine Realms, but could not procreate in the new world.

Whatever the real cause was, vampires became dangerously outnumbered and weak; by contrast the threat from both local people and Order of Light started to grow. 
Under these difficult circumstances vampires sought new alliances, so they invited all sorts of night creatures, monsters and even wizards to the island. All of it was done with a sole purpose to strengthen themselves against the Order of Light which was trying to take over the island and eradicate the evil that managed to root there so deep over the past millennia.


Ability allows player to summon a bat to fly to another level (player cannot be carried to Snow terrain). Ability is only active when all the players passed the first level at least once.

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