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6. Eastland.png

Eastland is the cradle of civilization of the Nine Realms, a land of picturesque mountains, deep canyons and fertile plains. According to the Chronicles of Time people of Eastland used to live in peace and harmony until it was invaded by evil spirits that wreak havoc and destruction. These were dark times when foul creatures summoned from hell devastated lands by burning down villages, spreading deadly diseases, demolishing crops and poisoning waters. Brave warriors from Eastland joined forces to defend the country and after many bloody battles they managed to expel demons outside Eastland’s borders; however, they failed to banish them back to hell. Instead, the wicked spirits settled in the nearby land that later became known as Mystic Eidolon which up to this day remains haunted.

Since then Eastland has become a thriving country, a state of economic, scientific and cultural prosper. It is known for mastering disciplines like martial arts, advanced healing techniques, meditation, astronomy, mathematics, architecture, engineering and spiritual arts inside many of its temples. Despite all that people still remember the horrors of demons’ invasion so Eastland’s defenders keep a close eye on Mystic Eidolon knowing that the evil just waits for the right moment to strike again.  


Ability allows player to levitate overcoming obstacles and traps on the way (it does not protect from Death, Duel and Navigation fields). If on the final field player faces a trap the player will move onto a next field.

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