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8. Crimson Edge.png

Crimson Edge is a volcanic island, the residence of all evil in the Nine Realms. The island is believed to be evil to its core, no good can step a foot on its soil.
The island itself is a nasty place, with an active volcano situated in the middle, it is arguably the most hostile place in all Nine Realms. The island is covered with rocky formations shaped by cooled lava. No greenery grows there, so the island is colored in lava colors which is black (for cooled lava) and crimson (for the h
ot one). 

Thick clouds of smoke and ashes make it difficult to breathe or even see, the place resembles a living hell. The creatures who adapted to survive there are immune to the fire and have dark vial hearts.  

According to the Chronicles of Time one day an active volcano just emerged from the sea depths emitting clouds of thick smoke and hot lava. It continued until it formed a piece of reddish land in the middle of the sea later named as Crimson Edge. It is believed that once it emerged, it was a gate to the hell itself.
According to the legend, nearby sailors sweared that apart from smoke, rocks and lava they saw dark shadows flying from that volcano creating storms and whirlwinds in places where just seconds ago peaceful steady waves swayed. Shortly afterwards a few expeditions were sent to the Crimson Edge to investigate, but none returned. Nowadays, sailors avoid the waters of Crimson Edge at all costs as no one knows exactly how far the evil can reach out from the island.


Ability warms up the evil heart and soul making the villain kind. As a result each player is ought to share 2 energy points with a kind villain. Player can only use this ability after making 7 moves.

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