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Genesis sale is a collection of 50 Jagers stored on Ethereum blockchain. The sale of the first Jager will commence on the 30th of April and will be held at marketplace.

The holder of the Genesis NFT Jager will be entitled to: 

1. An additional utility NFT on BSC blockchain (corresponding to the Jager purchased on Ethereum blockchain)
2. JAG token airdrop on launch
3. A resale attribution of the additional NFT on BSC blockchain
4. A cool in-game title to show off your early adoption

Genesis NFTs are not utility NFTs, therefore it will be required to fill out the form in order to get BSC NFTs. More information will be announced prior to the mechanics launch. 


Check out video tutorials belows on how to: 

- create Metamask Wallet 

- top up Metamask Wallet 

- integrate it with

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The second phase will involve selling of the utility NFTs on BSC blockchain which will grant playable characters in the NFT Jagers board game. The sale will be held at the NFT launchpad marketplace (TBA). The buyers will have an opportunity to purchase Tier 1 (Rare), Tier 2 (Epic) and Tier 3 (Legendary) treasure chests containing one of the 50 Jagers. 


Each holder of the Phase II NFT will get a chance to get whitelisted for an airdrop and will get a random in-game title as an early adopter.

The second phase will be carried out in 5 installations: 

- Installation 1 - 500 chests 

- Installations 2-5 - 1100 chests per each installation


The times of the installations are "to be announced" prior to date. 


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