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Alex (Alexander) is a great warrior who came to the Nine Realms from another universe. Back home Alex is the youngest and the most successful warrior in the history of mankind. Extremely courageous and strong, he is a skillful fighter, talented military strategist and respected commander.

Back home Alex has conquered half of the world with his army, his epic battles and groundbreaking war tactics would be remembered for centuries by the future generations.

Alex was meant to be the king of the entire world until his army came to a tiny distant village on the edges of the Known Lands. The people of the village knew that Alex’s army goes towards them; they also knew that there is no human power capable of stopping him. So, instead of trying to fight Alex’s army, people sought their salvation in magic. The tribe’s shamans performed a complex ritual opening a portal that inhaled Alex and his army inside banishing them from their own world. As a result Alex woke up in the Nine Realms having no information on what happened to his men.

After some time has passed, Alex chose to reside in the Mighty Dareland which was a newly discovered land at the time. He chose it because it provides a lot of opportunities for exploration and adventures, the two things Alex values most in his new life.

Alex believes that while he was sent to the Nine Realms his army was scattered in the other worlds. His deepest desire is to reunite with his men and get them all back to their home universe. Alex arrived to the Isle of Jag having heard that the magical token hidden deep into the island can make even the wildest dreams come true. Alex would do anything to win the race for the magical token NFT JAG since nothing else in the entire universe can give him what he wants most.







After making a move and whilst with another player on the filed, can through the dice again. If the dice count is in between 1 and 3, then moves ahead according to the count. If the dice count is in between 4 and 6 then make other player on the filed to skip a go



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