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Our mission

Our main mission is to create a Metaverse for people of different views and interests. We want to create an ecosystem for people to spend their free time, socialize, play and use various functions and features the Metaverse has to offer. NFT Jagers is one of the first steps towards launching the Bit World Metaverse – a home for other projects, which includes and not limited to gaming, social network, DEX and many more.
We are big fans of board games and believe there are a lot of likeminded people in the world that share our passion for board games. We believe that gaming industry is evolving into a new era of P2E games and for this reason it became our mission to introduce blockchain gaming to you – board game lovers. We want you to join our pioneering club of blockchain gaming and see the benefits yourself! 

Our vision

Our vision is to gather game-loving community and make it interesting for everyone playing NFT Jagers.
We want to inspire unity among people of different colors and backgrounds by playing the board game together. 
We want to inspire creativity and on-going communication between you, our players, and developers to fit your needs and tastes for the game. 
We want to inspire accessibility in order to make NFT Jagers playable by everyone and provide tokenomic opportunities to everyone. 
We want to bring innovation. That’s is why we believe in the future of Metaverses and will be looking into implementation of AR and VR capabilities in our Metaverse project.
Hence our motto “Join the Hunt”.

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